Sun, Jun 04, 2023

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Get excited!

Launched on May 25, 2019, Fayette County Tourism Board hosts a GeoTour.

Take a stroll through Fayette County's history while exploring rich farmland, rolling hills, and broadleaf forests.  30 BRAND NEW geocaches have been hidden in different historical locations - and there is a decal prize for the first 200 to complete their passport!
There are 30 BRAND NEW geocaches spread around the county to learn about our history
in conjunction with Fayette County's bicentennial celebration.

Come, stay the weekend, and explore our county's rich history while participating in a game!  

Click here for more details.

Click here to print out a passport for this GeoTour.

New to geocaching?

There are millions of geocaches hidden around the world.  They can be found almost anywhere you can imagine.  Before heading out, make sure you go to and register a username.

Then, you can navigate to geocaches using the Geocaching App on your phone or a GPS device.  After you find what you're looking for, sign the log book, clean up any trash in the area (CITO - cache in, trash out), if you take something then leave something, and register your find online!  Please let us know if there is a problem with the cache as well so we can correct it.  Please do no harm and leave things exactly as you found them.


  • Sign both the logbook and log your find online to get your smiley. Geocache owners love reading about your experience. 

  • Be proud of Did not find (DNF) logs. They alert others that the cache may be more difficult to find than anticipated or may even be missing. DNF logs also inform the cache owner they may need to check on their container. 
  • If you take a trinket from the geocache, leave something of equal or greater value, making sure it's family friendly. Don't place food or scented items as these attract animals.
  • Be mindful of non-geocaching onlookers (muggles). Curious people have been known to take or damage geocaches.
  • Make sure you don't accidentally venture on to someone's private property. Caches won't require you to trespass - we already have permission for you to be there.
  • Leave the geocache area better than how you found it. Try not to disrupt local wildlife and pack any trash you see.
  • If you find a problematic cache, please leave a message on the cache page.